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Cronimach Machinery was established in the year of 2000, since the inception of the company we have focused on the basic requirements of lab-scale equipment useful for research and development.


In the present scenario of pharmaceutical machinery, especially referring to machinery for lab research & development and Pharmaceutical Colleges & University laboratories, Cronimach Machinery stands out for absolute quality of its products.

Our motto is to constantly progress in the quality and the services we provide to our clients. This is the very foundation of the constant efforts we put in to increase our productivity and success of our clients.


We highly value our team giving them an adequate atmosphere to improve their potential, which helps us to increase our own productivity to serve our clients in the best manner.

We at Cronimach Machinery, not only supply the machines but we deliver complete solutions to all kinds of increasing demand in research & development in pharmaceutical sector.

Our commitment and dedication is to provide quality equipments and service to take us a long way both in terms of customer satisfaction and new products innovation.

After sales support:
We possess the tradition of frequent Correspondence with customers.Solving any product related query is a norm rather than an exception.
We are well equipped to deal with the coming times in the pharmaceutical sector and are geared up to meet the challenges of the future by providing the most flexible solutions to meet the customer’s demands…

Thus, sustaining reliable and long term relationship with customers at the present time and well into the future.

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